40 Beach Road
Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Tel: 0800 700 001


  • Waldorf Stadium Auckland
  • Waldorf Stadium Auckland

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On arrival please park in our loading zone directly in front of the building on Beach Rd. Our parking is located in the Arena Car Park, directly behind the building on Dockside Lane off Tapora St and is $25 per night. Pre-booking is not required for the Arena Car Park - simply park in any space not marked reserved.


LOADING ZONE - Outside 40 Beach Rd - Park here to check-in and unload bags, if full park down driveway next to bus stop to unload. Proceed along 'Driving Route' to car park entrance on Dockside Lane.

WALKING ROUTE to car park - Take this route if without baggage as this route has stairs

ACCESS ROUTE to car park - Take this route if you have baggage and/or strollers/wheelchair.


If coming from the carpark with luggage, strollers, or by wheelchair, please use the green Access route as seen below, exiting the carpark next to the payment machines near the car park vehicle entrance. 

The yellow route is the fastes route to the hotel but does require descending one flight of stairs from the elevator.


Take a ticket when entering the Car Park and take it to Reception. $25 per night rate is available only when paying at Waldorf Stadium.


Please note: Arena Car Park has a height restriction of 2.1m - For vehicles taller than this, we have limited outdoor parking spaces available. Please contact Reservations department to make arrangements.